Pink Handheld Console with Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends (Nintendo DS)

January 28, 2014 - Comment
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luce "lou" says:

‘absolutely amazing’. I fist got this on my 8th birthday.When I opened the packaging I was delighted.I played with it all day.The sweet little puppies stare out longingly from the screen.You can choose from a range of 6 different breeds: Miniature Dachshund,Pug,Beagle,Shih tzu,Golden retriever and Siberian Husky.There are a range of toys,supplies, clocks,records and cute little accessories for your puppy!(Aaaaaaaawwwww!)Whatever gender and whatever breed every puppy has a different personality.You need to care for your puppies regularly wash them if necessary you can tell how hungry,thirsty or dirty your puppy is by touching its can take your puppy for a walk by touching the go out menu and select walk.When you’ve done that you can draw your route as long as it starts and finishes at your house.Also when on a walk pass through question mark areas and you will either find a present or meet another puppy and it’s trainer.On walks you can go to the gymnasium,two parks or two discount stores(which are…

Mrs. Ea Finch "finch_books" says:

Gorgeous little game and console! Nintendogs is an adorable game that’ll keep going “Awwww!!!” for hours. The graphics and detail put into the game is uncanny, the dogs really do appear realistic and intelligent, and you’ll fall in love with them the moment they come bounding up to you! Although some have called the game repetitive, as long as you work towards the competitions and different personalities and breeds, you’ll be hooked.The game is made all the more fetching (sorry) by the beautiful pink console it comes with. :) Although the console can feel a bit chunky and heavy at first compared to the other Game Boy consoles, the splendid lighting, graphics and features are worth it. The touch screen is genius, it really is value for money with all its little tweaks. The Picto Chat is very entertaining too even if you don’t have friends to connect with, and its great fun to meet your mate’s pets and gets other breeds for your family of fury friends!You can buys toys, special food, collars,…

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