Good Boy Pigs Ears Dog Treats (10 pieces)

January 28, 2014 - Comment
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Booklover says:

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Mr. S. V. Joyce "Samm Sam" says:

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D. Jones says:

My dog’s favourite treat For some reason my dog is fussy with rawhide chews, some she will eat whilst others she turns her nose up at. However, give her a pigs ear and she is quiet for a good 30 minutes.The ears are cooked/treated until they are as hard as rawhide – if you have never bought these, don’t worry, they don’t feel anything like an ear. They do feel slightly greasy when you hold them and they have a reasonably strong and distinct smell – which probably makes them even more attractive to dogs. They don’t leave any mess whilst being chewed – but that might be because my dog never lets go of it once she has one.They take quite a bit of chewing and are great for developing strong gums and teeth – they work very well for teething dogs giving them something to focus on other than your furniture and shoes.The size of ears in the packet varies quite a lot – some are huge and others are fairly small. This is to be expected of a natural product as pigs come in all…

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